Monday, 2 January 2012

Sorry About That . . .

   Sorry, I kind of had a little slip up there. Silly Season is to blame, literally. When it comes around in my house, naturally when you are in a big family, it gets pretty crazy. And I was moping around trying to find other ideas for Shadowed, the current book (Manuscript, as my brother would correct me) I am writing. So, I definitely started it and am going to finish it sometime this year, but I still have to juggle school, homework, home, work and the book. Confusing, if you ask me.
   Also, I have posted a link to my new Facebook page so you can check that out. I made it an hour ago, so don't expect to find much. You'll find the link at the bottom of this page, its under Facebook Page. Also, please take part in the poll to the right! Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
   It was silent at the mad house for once, the little kids were/still are gone.
   So, I have to keep this one short. I have to get back to this book/manuscript and have it done by the end of the year. I am aiming to have it done before 2013, so I have about 270 pages left to write. I could do 1 a day and have in done in 270 days, but I don't like writing slow. I prefer just to stick with it and write as much as I want and keep myself entertained.
   Looks like the sun is finally coming out after 3 days of torrential rain. Yay!
   Well, have a great 2012!
   I'm out!

Location: My Magic Cave.
Mood: Reasonably Happy because of the sun.

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