Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Getting There!

Hey there!
I went 8 days without posting, luckily I reminded myself not to keep people waiting. I feel kind of stupid leaving my blog unattended for so long. I have been kind of busy . . . again. Unintentionally. To say the least, I got my head down and started writing. As of this second in 8 days or near enough to that, I have reached chapter 5 in my first book and 56 pages. So book #1 is going pretty well if you ask me.
   The sun didn't last long. The rain returned a little bit later and it is summer! This is apparently the wettest summer in a decade for my darling New Zealand.
   So as I was saying, I was working on my baby. The book. If I was saying baby meaning a person I had either been crazy and had a kid at 14 or meaning my little nephew. So, my father is hoping that I will get this book published and so is everyone else. My little sister is thankful that I stopped complaining about the events and ideas that I had that didn't fit into the book because I finally found a way and it is all going great. I have to make a decision here. If I publish the baby while I am still at high school then I would probably be writing more than studying and so I might wait till after.
   As I am typing this, the brief rainless patch we had is now over and it is pouring down.
   I need to get chapter 5 done and dusted so I can move on and make dinner for those in the Mad House. Babysitting tonight and this weekend. Who said I was complaining? I think that my book character who goes by the name Scarlett is actually lucky that she only has a little brother.
   Okay, thanks for reading this! I won't go two weeks without posting, if I do, you have my full permission to beat me up.

Mood: Annoyed. Sick of rain, rain, and guess what? RAIN.
Location: My cave. Keep out sign is up.

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